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Wax Melt Safety

Our wax melts are hand poured by us using the highest quality products, giving you the best possible home fragrance experience.

We recommend using a tea light wax burner as this will give you the best possible scent throw, electric burners are suitable for our wax too.

Safety is very important when using a tea light burner, this is a naked flame and should be used with caution. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep away from children and pets. Keep away from drafts and do not place your burner up against a wall and always keep your burner away from anything that may be flammable. Do not place your burner on a flammable surface.

We recommend that you use 4 hour tea light candles in your burner, larger candles mean the flame is closer to the dish, this extra heat can be a fire hazard and could cause your burner to catch a light or to crack or even explode.

Wax melts are not edible, do not consume!

We recommend that you use 1 or 2 sections of our snap bars (depending on the size of your burner), 1 or 2 leaves, and our wax melt shot pots can also be split into 2 or 3 using a wax cutter or used whole if you have a large burner. Do not overfill your burner.

Water in your burner can cause the wax to spit, this can cause damage to your burner so please ensure the burner is fully dry after cleaning.

CLP labels are provided on each scent listing and also attached to each product, if you have allergies please ensure you check this information before purchasing. The CLP label provides information on potential allergens and hazards.

If you see your burner emitting a clear or white coloured 'smoke' do not be alarmed, this is simply the fragrance being released.

Our packaging, including our clams shells and shot pots are recyclable. Please help our planet and recycle these where possible.


Carpet Fresh Safety

When using carpet fresh it is really important to clean your vacuum cleaners filter regularly. If left uncleaned the carpet fresh, must like dust, will block your filter meaning your vacuum will not work properly.

Always test on a small discreet area of carpet before use. Sprinkle onto the carpet and leave for up to 30 minutes then vacuum up, this will leave your carpet smelling of your chosen scent.


Fabric Fresh Safety

Spray from 25-30cm distance on fabric in a sweeping motion to ensure proper coverage. Allow to dry. Spray 1-2 pumps depending on the size of the area. Always do a patch test on a small non visible area before use. Shake well before use.

Do not use on silk, suede or leather.